Booch Camp

This is something we’ve been wanting to do for a LONG time, like since the inception of Cultured Leaf!

Throughout the year we will be offering “Booch Camp” classes, where you can learn how to brew your own Kombucha right at home!


Class Options

In order to serve varying levels of kombucha home brewers, we will be offering 2 levels of Booch Camp Class throughout the year. Check out the options below for more information!

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Booch Camp 101 is for all skill levels. Whether you’ve brewed your own kombucha a dozen times, never brewed before, or never even heard of kombucha- you'll learn something in our 101 class.

Classes are $45/person and include everything you’ll need to start your own kombucha at home. Homebrew kit will include, a 1 gallon glass brewing vessel, tea, sugar, a Cultured Leaf Scoby and starter liquid.

Upcoming 101 Dates:

Check back soon for dates!



Booch Camp 201 is for the more experienced home brewer, looking to “up their game” a bit. This class will cover some of the more technical and scientific aspects of brewing kombucha, scoby health, flavoring options, and best kombucha practices.

Upcoming 201 Dates:

check back soon for dates!