ReThinking Normal

Do you have a moment that grabbed you? A distinct moment that changed your direction, opened your eyes, challenged you? My moment was on a trip to Asheville, NC.  It was our 9th wedding anniversary. I didn't even know it was a "moment" until looking back months later.  We we're enjoying ourselves in a sweet little bookshop downtown, perusing a few books together. We we're chatting, connecting with each other, flipping through beautiful pictures and being inspired.  I came across two simple words that resonated with me...ReThinking Normal. 

I took those 2 words away from that trip and asked myself to begin ReThinking our Normal.  Months later, I had quit my career at that time so I could home school our daughter and began shaping a passion of mine into a business. That was almost two years ago and we've had many changes since.

My normal isn't yours and your normal isn't mine. My normal today may not be my normal tomorrow. It should be evolving and growing with me and my family. My goal now is to challenge my norm, embrace the change of it, and to continue dreaming about where it's headed.

Embrace YOUR normal, EVEN IF it's far from the norm.